Contoh Dialog Cerita Daerah dalam Bahasa Inggris

Loki : Hi, Tari. What’re you doing?

Tari : Hi, Loki. I’m reading the story of si Pungguk from West Sumatra, Guess what, this is the second time I’m reading it.

Loki : Well, what so special? Tell me more

Tari : This story is about a powerfull love. Pungguk was a poor good-looking young man. He fell in love with Princess Purnama Bulan, although they were in love with each other, Purnama Bulan already had a fiance. One day, Purnama Bulan gave Pungguk a veil. When Pungguk walked. Purnama bulan’s fiance noticed the veil, and thought that Pungguk stole it. With his sword, he killed Pungguk. Believe it or not, from Pungguk’s dead body grew some mushrooms, it changed into living creatures, birds. Those birds were called Pungguk, the used to sit on the highest branch of a three looking at a full moon. Surprisingly they called “Pungguk! Pungguk!”

Loki : What an interesting story!
Well unfortunately, it ended sadly!

Tari : Oh, Sorry Loki, I must go to now. See you later.

Loki : OK, See You….


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