Nesaci Blog. 2003. The Efficiency of Production Factors on Local Chickens Farming in District of Ciawi Tasikmalaya Regency. (Under supervised by Nesaci, M.Pd, Blog Nesaci and Nesaci Fans, SH)

The aim of this research is to know (1) the partial and simultaneous effect of production factors using to local chicken production and (2) the economic efficiency of production factors on local chicken farming including day-old chicken, feed, medicine and employee.

This research was done in Cijeungjing, Ciamis, using of survey method. Collection data was done by using questionnaire and interview of the samples. The sampling method that used was simple random, with the size of samples 40 local chicken farmers form the population on amount of 80 free-range chicken farmers.

The collected data was analysed by using Cobb-Douglas production function while the efficiency level of each production factor was analyzing by using of Marginal Value Product (MVP) ratio.

The result was showed that simultaneous analyzing by using of F Test was positive effect of production factors to production output. Partial analyzing by using of t Test was showed that only drugs have no effect to production output, whereas day-old chicken, feed and employee had positive effect to production.

Analyzing by using MVP ratio was showed that day-old chicken was not efficient yet, feed was not efficient, while employee was not efficient yet.

Contoh 2: Abstrak untuk Skripsi dan Makalah dalam Bahasa Inggris

Nesaci 2003. Influence frequency processing of land : ground and Mulsa Hay Paddy to Growth and result beet (Raphanus Sativus L). Kultivar Radicula under Nona Nesaci and Miss Nesaci. Attempt conducted for to know and study until how far frequency influence processing of paddy hay mulsa and land; ground to beet result and growth (Raphanus Sativus L), Radicula Kultivar.

Attempt executed by in country side Malangbong speed of Malangbong sub province Garut start September month until October 2003, used by device is Random Device of Group (Factorial RAK). Pattern consisting of two factor. First factor of processing of land, ground consist of three level that is po=tanpa processing of land; ground, p1 =processing of land; ground once, and p2=land; ground processing twice, both of paddy hay mulsa consist of three level that is, mo=o t ha-1, m1=5 t ha-1, m2=10 t ha-1and m3= 15 t ha-1

Result of research of is existence of interacts among treatment of processing of paddy hay mulsa and land; ground to among of leaf old age 21 HST, optimum combination reached by level treatment of processing land; ground twice hay mulsa measuring and (p2) at 10 t ha-1 (m2).

Level treatment of processing of land; ground twice (p2) give real influence to is high of crop old age 21 HST, almost pf leaf old age 21 HST, brangkasan weight per crop, parsnip diameter and parsnip weight per parsnip result and crop per cheek. Hay paddy mulsa 10 t ha-1 (m2) give influence do well by highly of crop old age 21 HST, amount of leaf old age 21 HST brangkasan weight per crop, parsnip diameter, parsnip weight per parsnip result and crop per check.


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