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On one day, as usual Sangkuriang go into the woods to hunt. Once when he got in the woods, Sangkuriang start looking for prey. He saw there was a bird that was perched on the branch, and then without thinking Sangkuriang shot, and right on target. Sangkuriang then ordered to chase quarry Tumang earlier, but the Tumang silent and refused to follow orders Sangkuriang. Because very annoyed at Tumang, and then drove Tumang Sangkuriang and not allowed to go home with him again.

At home, Sangkuriang told the incident to her mother. Upon hearing the story of her son, Dayang Sumbi very angry. She took a spoon of rice, and struck to the head Sangkuriang. Because the treatment was disappointed with his mother, then Sangkuriang decided to go wandering, and left the house.

After the incident, Dayang Sumbi deeply regretted his actions. He prayed every day, and ask that one day could see her son again. Because of the seriousness of these Sumbi Dayang prayer, then God gave him a gift of eternal beauty and youth forever. After many years Sangkuriang wandering, he eventually intends to return to his hometown. When I got there, he was very surprised at all, because his hometown had changed completely. Sangkuriang excitement grows as the time in the middle of the road met a woman who is very beautiful, which is none other than Dayang Sumbi.

Since the enchanted by her beauty, then direct Sangkuriang proposed. Finally an application is received by Dayang Sangkuriang Sumbi, and agreed to be married in the near future. On one day, Sangkuriang his future wife for permission to hunt on health. Before leaving, he asked Dayang Sumbi to tighten and straighten kapalanya tie.

Dayang Sumbi surprise, because when she smoothed Sangkuriang headband, he saw a scar. The scar is a scar similar to his son. When asked about the cause of the wound Sangkuriang it, Dayang Sumbi tekejut increases, because it is true that her husband was her own.

Dayang Sumbi very distraught, because he can not marry his own son. After Sangkuriang home hunting, Dayang Sumbi Sangkuriang tried totalkto,soSangkuriangcancel their wedding plans. Dayang Sumbi request is not approved Sangkuriang, and only considered the wind and just.

Dayang Sumbi every day thinking about how to order their wedding never happened. After thinking hard, Dayang Sumbi finally found the best way. He proposed two conditions to Sangkuriang.

If Sangkuriang can meet both these requirements, it would be Dayang Sumbi wife, but rather if the marriage fails then it will be canceled. The first requirement Dayang Sumbi wants Citarum river dammed. And the second is, ask Sangkuriang to make a very large boat to cross a river. Both conditions must be resolved before dawn. Sangkuriang second undertakes such request Sumbi Dayang, and pledged to finish before dawn. With the magic he has, and mobilize Sangkuriang friends from the jinn to help solve these tasks. Secretly, Dayang Sumbi peeking from Sangkuriang work. Surprise him, because Sangkuriang almost all conditions menyelesaiklan given Dayang Sumbi before dawn.

Dayang Sumbi then ask for help communities to spread out a red silk cloth in the east of the city. When he saw the color red in the east of the city, Sangkuriang thought that it was late morning. Sangkuriang immediately stopped work and was not able to meet the requirements that have been proposed by Dayang Sumbi. With a sense of annoyance and disappointment, and then break down the dam Sangkuriang who has made himself.

Because of it, the flood occurred and the whole city under water. Sangkuriang also kicked a big boat that has been made. The canoe was floated and fell face down, then became a mountain named Tangkuban Perahu.

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    artikel ini buat ujian praktek bahasa inggris..
    thnk’s banget.

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  • farham shinobazu says:

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    February 23, 2011 at 4:18 pm
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